Far from a mere lens on nostalgia and the romantic past, these hotels make a passionate case for resuscitating the cult of discovery as a driving force for travel today.

For some, travel nostalgia is about going to bygone times to experience living in another era, while for others, it is about reliving their own past, traveling to places where they once lived or vacationed as children. We, therefore, give you many options, from a midcentury modern aesthetic, a Gothic historical archival building, or a more contemporary take on Americana, among others.

An iconic spa resort from the 1950s, the reinvented Dr. Wilkinson’s Backyard Resort & Mineral Springs strikes a skillful balance between retro and modern with original mosaics and midcentury furnishings. True to the resort’s nostalgic spirit, a replica of the original wellness pioneer Dr. Wilkinson’s 1952 Buick is parked at the entrance.

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